It’s a new era for unique collectables and we are about to change the way people collect, invest and redeem real world rewards. All Access provides premium NFT collectibles and brings the latest in collectable NFT’s to life. With partnerships throughout the sports world, history will be made and we are here to take you to the next level. Supporting your favorite athlete or just collecting sets for a once in a lifetime experience. All Access will bridge the gap between blockchain and real world utility.

All Access will bring Access to All!

Meet The Team

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    How It Works


    1. Research and Development

    Through market research we easily identified a structure that works best for the collector and athlete. Using our all-star development team, with a combined 50 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. We use our unique set of skills to formulate a first of its kind collectables company.

    2. Social Media Campaigns

    Using global marketing expertise, in conjunction with the announcement of our first sports partnerships; we will launch social media campaigns and open communities to connect fans, collectors and investors like never before. All Access will be hosting routine giveaways to engage with the community and drive the project forward.

    3. Creating Quality

    Working with top artists to create highly desirable NFT’s, whilst collaborating with the athletes to ensure that All Access remains one of a kind. Our rewards come in the form of high quality merchandise and real life experiences.

    4. All Access Pass Launch 

    Target date to launch passes is the week of February 13. Hosting an exclusive private sale 48 hours prior to launch, to ensure active community members are rewarded. NFT’s will have an affordable price point of $55 – $75 USD to allow Access to All.

    5. Claim Your Prize

    Revealing your All Access Pass will be an event in itself, but the usability is just getting started. Each Pass will be leveled with AAP’s (All Access Points) to be redeemed in our All Access Zone. Rewards will include, but are not limited to All Access merchandise, digital content with the partnered athletes, worn gear from live events, and many more exclusive experiences.

    6. Marketplace

    Users actively buy/sell All Access passes on the peer to peer marketplace in anticipation of the NFT collectable card launch. The target date for the NFT drop is the week of February 27th. All Access Pass holders will be able to purchase limited inventory 48 hours prior to public launch.

    7. Enjoy the Show

    Collect your All Access NFT passes or collectible NFT cards which may hold the reward of exclusive real life experiences.

    8. Future Development

    All Access will continue to partner and provide top tier NFT’s. As we continue to grow, proceeds from prior launches will be used to further develop the utility that drives the value of our collectables. All Access’s mission remains the same, we will bring Access to All!


    What is an NFT?

    An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique, identifiable digital asset stored on the blockchain. An NFT could be a piece of digital artwork, a collectible, or even a digital representation of a real-life physical asset. Ownership of an NFT is easily and uniquely verifiable due to its public listing on the blockchain.

    What does it mean to “mint” an All Access NFT?

    Minting refers to the process of placing a digital file, or a digital piece of art on the blockchain and securing it within the blockchain. Once an NFT is minted, you can verify ownership, validity, rarity and buy, sell, and trade the NFT on our marketplace.

    What does an All Access NFT cost?

    All Access NFTs will be available via mystery packs much like real life trading cards. The cost of these packs are estimated to range between $50 – $100 for the first launch.

    Will there be a presale and how can I get it?

    We will have one presale for the NFT passes at dates to be announced. By purchasing an All Access Pass not only are you getting a unique collectable NFT, but these passes also grant you access to the presale for the NFT collectable cards.

    How do I set up a wallet?

    Upon launch we will have user creation that allows you to create a unique login and profile on All Access. This will make and link a custodial wallet to your account where all transactions happen and your NFT is stored. The custodial wallet enables the ease of use All Access aims for its users. We will have instructions on how to create a non-custodial wallet if you choose to transfer your NFTs out to one. We will not have any requirements to transfer out to your non-custodial wallets.

    What happens if I lose access to my wallet/address?

    With our custodial wallet the NFT and recovery phrase will be stored on site If you are creating your own personal wallet please follow our suggestions. The best way to prevent a lost wallet or wallet address is to make numerous physical copies of your seed phrase (“Secret Recovery Phrase”) and to store these copies in places you know and trust. Unfortunately, not a lot can be done if you’ve lost every copy of your wallet seed phrase, so please ensure to keep it safe. Never share your wallet seed phrase with anyone. We will never ask for this information.

    Where can I see my NFT?

    Once the NFT has been claimed (or “minted”), you will be able to login to your account on the All Access website to view your NFT Collection. If you transfer to a non-custodial you can view your NFTs within this wallet. You can also use the All Access marketplace or on other secondary NFT marketplace.

    How can I sell or trade my All Access NFT?

    If you would like to sell or trade your All Access NFT, you will be able to list on our own marketplace or list on secondary marketplaces. Other users will also be able to offer coins for your NFT through our binder feature.

    Why no Token?

    Our mission is to bring real world value through redemption and legitimacy to the market that can sustain the real world market. With no token we also eliminate the buy and sell pressure of a marketplace and allow the true value of the NFT to shine.